The concept and applicability of video analytics have been around for decades and today, is still one of the cutting-edge subjects in the physical security space.

However, far beyond traditional security and motion detection, we see new trends within safety applications that are now involving crowd management, social distancing and face mask detection etc. In terms of technologies, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML) and cloud technologies will continue to have a massive impact on the future of video analytics.

If COVID-19 has taught us anything, it is that businesses need to adapt quickly. Many video analytics companies from Israel have since came out with flexible and scalable AI technologies that offer compatibility, leverage existing investments in cameras that can be used for security, safety as well as business intelligence purposes.

Here are some of Israel’s top companies in the video analytics sector:

  • Corsight equips security professionals with a powerful, smart camera platform designed to help subdue real-time threats and provide maximum enterprise safety. The company utilizes autonomous AI to organize data into clear, comprehensible intelligence to identify concepts and patterns yielding actionable insights.

Backed by more than 200 patents, Corsight’s technology uses neuroscience and biological research to mimic the way humans interpret signals and understand their surroundings. Its target markets include industries such as homeland security, transportation, law enforcement, and banking.

Corsight’s technology can identify people in real time with only half their face showing, even in low-light conditions. One of the technology’s possible applications for the COVID-19 pandemic includes enabling medical personnel to open locked hospital doors using facial recognition without removing protective gear or touching any buttons. The technology can also identify individuals in violation of quarantine measures within population centers, even if their faces are covered by a mask, as well as identify people who have come in close proximity to an infected person and should be quarantined.

Corsight is a subsidiary of Cortica, a developer of AI technologies.

  • Oddetect develops video analytics software for video surveillance systems, enabling automatic and autonomous real-time alerts of abnormal activities. Using machine learning solutions, Oddetect enables large surveillance systems to automatically receive relevant live alerts without the need to predefine rules for each camera.

The system generates alerts autonomously, thereby automatically building a reference routine. A real-time video feed is continuously compared to the reference routine. Oddetect’s mission is to turn surveillance cameras into autonomous sensors for real-time alerts, transforming the capabilities of real-time video monitoring.

  • AnyVision offers a wide range of facial, body, and object recognition and related technologies for homeland security, defense, financial services, gaming, pathology, agriculture, and home applications. Its solutions are designed to function on any sensor with any resolution, and are proven to operate in real time and in real-world scenarios.

The company’s smart binoculars and sights with thermal and night vision help to classify objects and identify targets. Combined with real-time alerts, these capabilities can effectively turn devices into visual targeting radar. Its drone-detection system uses thermal CCTV cameras to detect perimeter airspace intrusion at any time and in all weather conditions with no interference with RF/radar signals.

AnyVision’s recognition technology is used to authenticate legitimate users and customers, detect targets, track criminals and terrorists, and locate missing persons in a wide range of settings including banks, educational institutions, correctional facilities, airports, casinos, businesses, and special events.

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