Ever wonder how you sound while emailing someone? Are you too formal? Are you too informal? Is this word appropriate? It’s a whole thing.

These apprehensions can take a backseat now that there’s a new Chrome extension that uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) to help you construct sentences that best suit your purpose.

Wordtune, the name of the Chrome extension, is created by AI21 Labs, a start-up in Israel.  Prof. Yoav Shoham, Co-Founder of the company, states that the main purpose of this creation is to actually be your co-writer, and not just something that fixes your mistakes.

Wordtune not only corrects grammatical errors or checks for spelling errors but also understands the gist of the matter and helps you present it better. For example, you can highlight a sentence and it will provide you multiple ways to rephrase that sentence.

Some of the prominent features are: ‘tip of the tongue’, which provides multiple completions for a sentence and ‘smart paste’, which allows you to copy text from somewhere else and incorporate it in a way that it matches your document style.

India may benefit from the experience and technology; Israel and Israeli technologies have to offer.  For further information, relevant contacts are invited to contact the Economic and Trade Department at the Israeli Consulate in Bengaluru.

Veshala Gajaraj – Trade Officer

Email: Veshalakshe.Gajaraj@israeltrade.gov.il   



Source: Israel21C