India is a competitive exporter in fruits and vegetables globally and ranks the highest in the export of some specific fruits and vegetables. Although a lot of emphasis is laid on harvesting, management of farms and use of various agri-inputs, the Indian farmer faces many losses due to poor post-harvest services and technologies. These losses are across fresh produce, dried produce and packaged produce in India. The losses in post-harvest especially in the fresh produce are significantly high which adversely affect the Indian economy.

Israel is a known global expert in postharvest preservation. Israeli companies and research organizations are continuously working towards innovative technologies and products that will avoid or lessen postharvest losses, which are especially crucial in developing countries. Preservation of shelf life while maintaining the quality, safety and nutritional content of various types of fresh or dry agricultural produce intended for export as well as for local markets is the key towards which Israeli postharvest industry works.

In accordance to this, the three Trade Missions of Israel in India, along with the Israel Export Institute have organized an India – Israel Postharvest Roadshow wherein Indian organizations can witness cutting-edge technologies from Israel. The event will have presentations given by Israeli postharvest companies on October 25th, 2021 followed by curated pre-scheduled B2B meetings from October 25th – 27th.

For more information and to register for the event please get in touch with:

Yogita Kale