Israel, the startup nation of the world, is one of the most prominent countries in terms of global hi-tech and emerging technologies worldwide. And while it is already well-known for its innovation and advancements in sectors like FinTech, Healthcare, Renewable energy, etc., there has been a new addition and that is the gradually growing but prominent field of food-tech in Israel.

Over the last couple of years, food-tech in Israel has been slowly but steadily gaining momentum and changing the scene of food consumption everywhere worldwide. With international companies and prominent corporations investing in burgeoning Israeli food-tech, Israel is now able to showcase the innovative side of its entrepreneurs that are transforming the food industry globally.

While we have alternative proteins and cultured meat, which is being continually developed and grown in Israel, food processing and packaging is another sub-sector with a lot to offer in terms of compostable and sustainable flexible packaging, edible tableware, food processing, and packaging machines, etc.

Apart from this, the food-tech in Israel has also dabbled in robotics and data. For instance, we have a few startups that are developing reliable consumer intelligence platforms for hi-tech food innovation and food production optimization. Providing an improved experience to the consumers, whether it’s related to grocery shopping, food consumption, or extending the shelf-life of the food on hand, Israel has something to offer in all of it.

One of the best examples of emerging food-tech in Israel is the latest investment by the Academy Award-winning actor Leonardo DiCaprio in Aleph Farms, which is leading the upcoming field of cultivated meat.

Cultivated meat provides a solution to reduce the negatives of beef production and consumption substantially. Moreover, cultivated meat also allows the consumers to enjoy the qualities of their favorite meat without any significant behavior change.

Such investments only show how much Israel has to offer in terms of innovative food solutions that can solve many environmental issues in the long run.

There is no denying that the global Food-Tech revolution is already underway, and Israel plans to be at the forefront of it with its innovative technology and favorable solutions for everyone to adopt worldwide.

Whether it’s sustainability or nutrition, online or offline, meat alternatives or dairy alternatives, sweeteners or personalized food products, food-tech in Israel is making giant leaps ahead on all the fronts, which will further transform this sector across the world.


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