Four Israeli innovations this year made it to the “100 Best Inventions” of 2021 published by the TIME Magazine! The global list includes a wide range of products, technologies, services across all categories and sectors. The magazine mentioned that these inventions are “changing the way we live” and “making the world better, smarter and a bit more fun.”

From Israel, the following inventions were spotted:

Orcam Read Digital reader transforms the reading experience for people with reading difficulties, vision issues, dyslexia with their unique handled device equipped with a smartphone.

Percepto AIM (Autonomous Inspection & Monitoring) fully automates inspection and monitoring workflows allowing one to detect risks earlier, enhance measurement accuracy, spot trends easily and gain better situational awareness. They are revolutionizing the way vital infrastructure and assets are inspected and monitored.

SupPlant’s revolutionary technology of using AI-based irrigation technology and making it available to farmers across the world, especially helping farmers with smallholdings, has been recognized as well.

ElectReon is an Israeli firm making Electric Vehicles (EVs) being charged on the same roads as being driven! ElectReon has developed an in-road inductive charging system wherein EVs are charged via electrical fields generated by coils under the asphalt.

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