As markets continue to grow, the need for Cyber Protection in Critical Infrastructure, Financial, and Healthcare fields, compromised by Ransomware and Data Loss, generates significant demand from the public and private sectors worldwide to protect their assets from the next Cyber Crisis. Accordingly, countries continue to expand the lists of industries that require Cyber Protection on the national and private levels. Israeli Cyber companies offer Innovative, advanced, field-proven solutions to protect both the hardware and software systems. Respectively, these solutions may cover Operational Technologies (OT), Informational Technologies (IT), Internet of Things (IoT), Extended Detection Response (XDR), Application Programming Interface (API) Security, and more.

It is our pleasure to invite you to a focused webinar on Israeli Cyber Solutions on 7th Dec, Tuesday at 2pm. The webinar will be followed by pre-scheduled B2B session.

The session is being organized by the Economic and Commercial Mission in collaboration with Israel Export Institute.

Registration is free. To register please click here:

The following 6 Israeli Cyber companies are expected to showcase their technology at the webinar –

We will share with you calendar invites along with a zoom link once you have registered for the event.

Look forward to your participation.

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