Tel Aviv University is known for carrying out avid research on various topics ranging from technology to agriculture. So, it’s not entirely surprising that they dabbled in the lie detector field.

Researchers at Tel Aviv University conducted an experiment to catch liars and succeeded brightly, with a 73% accuracy.

The researchers caught around 73% of the lies told by their trial participants solely by concentrating on their facial muscles. They conducted a study that discovered that some people are prone to activating cheek muscles while lying, while others activate their eyebrows.

There are many studies conducted about how to identify when a person is lying. It is particularly important in the police and detective fields. Although there is not a certain way in which a lie can be identified, there are theories and practices that can be used, but they are not accurate.

This ground-breaking innovation was carried out in the laboratory of Prof. Yael Hanein of the Centre of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology and the School of Electrical engineering. There were stickers that contained electrodes to monitor and measure the activity of muscles and nerves.

This technology has already been commercialized by Israeli Company X-trodes. This technology has more advantages apart from detecting lies. It can be used to monitor sleep and in the early diagnosis of neurological diseases.

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Source: Israel21c