In vitro fertilization (IVF) is a method of fertilisation in which an egg and sperm can be combined in vitro. This process is usually carried out outside of the body and the best resulting embryo is implanted in hopes of a healthy pregnancy.

Louise Brown was the first baby to be born through IVF in the year 1978.

IVF is expensive and involves stressful and painful procedures. Most of the times, the process fails in the selection of the best embryo.

Israel’s Faitility, founded in Tel Aviv in 2019, is coming out with their technology to improve the selection of the best possible embryo for implantation.

Eran Eshed, the CEO and cofounder of Fairtility, explains that the embryologist ranks anywhere between two to fifteen fertilized eggs based on their potential to create a healthy pregnancy, and decides which one to transfer to the mom.

Fairtility uses AI and computer vision to complete the task, the accuracy in these proceedings exceeds 90 percent in tests.

This technology is now being piloted in Israel and other countries and has used plenty of existing datasets and embryo images at different developmental stages for its training.

Fairtility has applied for CE (Europe) and FDA (US) submissions and is expected to go commercial this year.

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Source: Israel21C