Israel’s sustainable fashion designer, Ganit Goldstein is passionate about textiles and clothing. She tests the boundaries and makes the impossible, possible.

According to her, clothing is not only limited to providing a cover. She believes that textiles can be much more functional. She stated that if clothing has multiple functions, the value of garments will increase resulting in less mass production and high customization and in turn, production of more meaningful items.

She produced functional textiles for her master’s degree project in the Royal College of Art in London, finding motivation in bridging the gap between art, science and industry.

Goldstein, in collaboration with Saurer, inventor of large-scale embroidery machinery, found a way to include electronics in the embroidery design. This resulted in a flower-patterned textile with an internal system of electronics.

Goldstein and the Saurer team used existing conductive and glow-in-the-dark yarn to complete this process.

This is the first-time electronics have been embedded in clothes with the help of an embroidery machine on a large scale. Goldstein has stated that she wants to take functional clothing to a whole new level by fusing electronics and VR capabilities into fabric.

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Source: Israel21C