Danny Weissberg founded Voiceitt to combat the speech barriers between people who experience speech difficulties and those who don’t. The Ramat Gan-based company’s app empowers the former to communicate easily with others, and even control smart-home devices with their own voice.

What inspired this revolutionary technology was Weissberg’s grandmother being unable to speak properly after suffering a stroke. People outside of their family struggled to understand her, but her full-time caregiver eventually got the hang of it.

Weissberg invented this app to serve this exact purpose; to strive for better communication methods. He worked as a software developer for many companies, and detected the potential of machine learning technology to imitate the role of a caregiver.

Being a dedicated volunteer with the elderly and Save a Child’s Heart, he strives for using technology to better impact people’s lives. Many consultations with speech therapists revealed that speech influences many children and adults with hearing impairment, Down syndrome, neurological conditions or even conditions affecting the throat or mouth.

All this started when voice assistants became popular in 2012. Weissberg and co. thought they had something bigger to offer to the big corporates to enable their devices to be accessed by a wider population, especially those who need these assistants the most. Thus began the journey of building a speech recognition engine that learned and adapted a person’s speech patterns, and built a personalized speech model for them.

When presented to the big corporations, they liked the idea.

Voiceitt is now funded by Israel Innovation Authority, EzraTech and other angel investors from USA and Israel. They also won Microsoft’s AI for Good competition and received a grant from its AI for Accessibility Fund. They further went on to receive investment from Amazon through the Alexa Fund.

This technology has opened many doors for the future of communication. Users are able to build their own dictionary of specific words, and the app learns these words at a speed of five minutes per phrase.


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Source: Israel21c