Every woman knows the daunting feeling of walking alone, whether it’s broad daylight or the middle of the night, the sensation is like a shadow and you can never really shake it off.

An Israeli start-up developed an app called Safe UP to tackle this issue. Woman can now log on and be accompanied by a trained volunteer – virtually or physically – and be secure in the knowledge that there’s someone to look out for them.

After a test project in collaboration with the Tel Aviv municipality, the app was published six months ago and has 60,000 users in Israel, the United States, and the United Kingdom, as well as smaller communities in Hungary and Poland. The majority of the users are between the ages of 14 and 35.

To become a member of the Safe UP community, women must first register and be verified. They can then use the app to locate nearby “guardian” users, send them a video or phone call, or request that someone join them.

The guardians are registered users over the age of 18, and undergo a series of video-based training. They learn how to evaluate problems, what questions to ask end users, and how to respond to various scenarios.

The start-up plans on expanding and reaching out to many communities, including all corners of the world. their main goal is to keep women safe and secure.

Interested may kindly contact the Israeli Trade and Economic Mission in Bangalore at Veshalakshe.gajaraj@israeltrade.gov.il


Source: Israel21c