During the early days of the pandemic, there was a rampant need to wipe down all groceries in order to prevent the spread. Of course, we know better now – but when panic sets in, it sets in.

AgwaFarm, saw this as an opportunity to introduce self-sustainability. Alon Wallach, CEO and Co-Founder of AgwaFarm expresses that the lack of time and knowledge to tend to the vegetables that are grown at home is what sets people up for failure.

Hydroponic farming is nothing new. It is a method in which vegetables sit in a nutrient solution rather than soil. It requires precision and accuracy.

The AgwaGarden, AgwaFarm’s main product, is an all-in-one box that allows people with no green thumbs to plant, nurture, and harvest hydroponic veggies with minimal effort. The box comes with 59 slots where you can insert a dried seed pod. The pods range from tomatoes to strawberries!

The box has a clear glass door and is about the size of a small wine refrigerator. There are also openings for providing water and fertiliser (every six months or so), in addition to the seed pod slots.

What’s best is that you don’t need to monitor the temperature, pH, light, humidity, or the plant itself. AgwaGarden takes care of dishes out the right amount of nutrients whenever required.

The AgwaGarden unit is equipped with LEDs, high-resolution cameras, and sensors that are linked to a customer’s mobile device through Wi-Fi. If there’s any issue (one of the pods isn’t germinating, for example), it’s notified on the customer’s phone.

Most importantly, the device will send an alert when a crop is ready for picking. It requires no pesticides or plastic. It’s highly sustainable and economical.

Interested may kindly contact the Israeli Trade and Economic Mission in Bangalore at Veshalakshe.gajaraj@israeltrade.gov.il


Source: Israel21c