Picture this: you’re scrolling through an online clothing shop, you order something you like, but when it finally gets delivered, it doesn’t fit.

Annoying, right?

An Israeli-run, Amsterdam-based start-up called ATALYE has come up with an excellent solution for this problem.

ATALYE uses technology to make eco-friendly, well-fitting dresses simply by scanning yourself with a phone app.

Tal Atzmon Shaked, founder of ATALYE, started this company after she read two articles – one, the collapse of a clothing factory in Bangladesh and two, an app that scans your body for measurements.

Shaked collaborated with a model-making and a tech company to create ATALYE’s technology – which lets you scan yourself at your convenience.

Customers are allowed to customize one type of dress based on length, sleeve size, colour and fit.

Since the company creates dresses based on customers’ needs, they don’t keep a large inventory of fabrics. This proves to be very eco-friendly.


For more information please contact:

Veshala Gajaraj

Trade Officer

Trade & Economic Mission of Israel in Bangalore
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