Deep technology is the latest addition to the startup universe and to the world of innovative problem-solving. What sets deep tech apart from other startups is its heavy reliance on technological innovation. Today, deep tech is being heralded as the fourth wave of innovation. Investors have begun realizing the potential of deep tech.


Convergence of technologies

According to a study conducted by the Boston Consulting Group (BCG), 96% of all deep tech ventures combine two or more technologies. The three main clusters around which deep tech converges are: Matter and Energy, Computing and Cognition, Sensing and Motion.


The future of deep tech-

In a way, deep tech is like the new industrial revolution. Even though mobile technologies and the IOT are only the beginning of this new revolution, they have dramatically changed the ways in which we work and live our everyday lives.

What we cannot ignore when discussing deep tech are the barriers that still exist in their way to becoming mainstream. One of the main barriers is our own imaginations. Seizing opportunities to use science and technology in problem solving has been a struggle throughout history. For instance, it took mankind 20 years to go from using steam engines to electric engines. For deep tech to reach its full potential, there is a pressing need to constantly evolve and re-think how technologies can be used. Another key concern is access to adequate funding. While the funding for deep tech ventures has risen, most investments have been sciences. All of the companies previously mentioned and their innovative ideas are a testament to the potential of deep tech.


Israeli Deep Tech start-ups do analyse the activity in this tech vertical, refers to start-up companies that develop products based on profound scientific breakthrough or engineering novelty. “Deep Tech” ties companies from different sectors and needs under one roof with few similarities, as development duration or financial needs are varied and different. However, companies with profound knowledge enjoy a competitive advantage. The innovative drive, as well as the tight collaboration with scientific institutions and researchers, was always part of the Israeli high-tech DNA.


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