The world shifted on its axis three years ago with the arrival of COVID-19. We are still reaping the effects the virus has had on us.

From masks to social distancing, we’ve experienced it all. Even those uncomfortable tests to diagnose COVID-19.

But with evolving technology should come comfort and ease of access. This is precisely what AdOM Optical Technologies and Israel’s Sheba Medical Center is going to bring to the world.

They have collaborated and launched a study to detect COVID-19 on the surface of the eye.

In this study, AdOM’s Tear Film Imager (TFI) – ophthalmic, computer-assisted imaging system intended to measure the attributes of the tear film and the PCR diagnostic test.

The TFI analyses the muco-aqueous and lipid sublayers of the eye’s tear film simultaneously in less than 40 seconds, with a resolution depth of a few nanometers. Specific eye disorders, such as dry eye syndrome, are diagnosed and treated using these sublayers.

The TFI is already in use in countries like the United States and Japan.

Gefen sees the TFI as a potential point-of-care diagnosis in places like airports, athletic arenas, and corporations if it proves to have a high correlation to PCR.


For more information please contact:

Veshala Gajaraj

Trade Officer

Trade & Economic Mission of Israel in Bangalore