Worried Indian parents across all segments have typically asked their children to stay off video games — but that was until the Covid-19 pandemic broke out two years ago. It was considered nothing less than a taboo then. But recently when the Karnataka High Court reversed amendments to the Karnataka Police (Amendment) Act, 2021, aimed at prohibiting and criminalising participation in online games, it came as a major relief to the country’s $930 million gaming industry.

The pandemic, leading to several lockdowns and restrictions has changed the landscape of the gaming industry in India, which is one of the leaders in the global market today. India’s internet penetration is estimated at 30 per cent.  The gaming industry is now being seen as an important pillar of the economy. This upcoming sector could create lakhs of jobs in the country. Several gaming startup firms are expected to firm up hiring plans to support growth in the next few years

India has more than 560 million internet users, making it the second-largest internet consumer. In India, mobile phone users form an overwhelming 85 per cent of the industry, followed by PC users at 11 per cent and tablet users at just 4 per cent.

A KPMG report said the number of online gamers in India grew from nearly 250 million gamers in 2018 to about 400 million by the mid of 2020. Growing steadily for the last five years, it is expected to treble in value and reach $3.9 billion by 2025. At present, there are more than 400 gaming companies in India that include Infosys Limited, Hyperlink InfoSystem, Fgfactory, Zensar Technologies, among others.

Israeli companies are taking up a growing place in this thriving industry, although they mostly specialize in a specific niche. It is possible that there are Israeli developers who dream big and aspire to develop the next Grand Theft Auto (the popular game known as GTA) and thus win the hearts of hundreds of millions of gamers. But so far no Israeli game developer has yet aimed for heavy gamers, trying to offer complex games with an elaborate plot.

The most successful gaming companies in Israel, like Playtika, which at its peak was traded on Nasdaq at a value higher than $13 billion, and Moon Active, which recently raised $$300 million at a valuation of $5 billion, specialize in developing so-called casual or hyper-casual games. These are mobile games that are targeted at a mass-market audience and are easy to learn, simple and addictive.


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