Spraying herbicides over everything – including crops and weeds – was the only hope farmers had to get rid of weeds in the past.

This method is uneconomical, and harmful to crops.

Greeneye Technologies, an Israeli ag-tech start-up, has come up with a solution to weed control.

Greeneye’s software employs artificial intelligence create smart sprayers.

“Boom” – a 36-meter-long arm on the sprayer that dispenses the herbicide – in installed with cameras that record data from the field. The cameras snap at 40 frames per second, capturing every nuance of the crops.

Nadav Bocher, CEO of Greeneye Technologies, says that this AI-powered spraying device detects weeds with 95.7% accuracy.

Millions of images of different fields, crops and cultivations areas are uploaded to the device’s learning database. Greeneye’s AI then compares what it sees with what it’s learned.

For farmers, this is revolutionary. With Greeneye’s AI-powered smart sprayer, farmers can go environment-friendly, and also be economical.


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