India has been witnessing large scale deployments of augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) across business verticals in the recent past, especially after the pandemic. Actually, AR & VR as basic technology has been in existence since the early 1990s but was limited only to the defence and heavy-spending sectors due to the high cost of software and hardware tools associated with it. Then, the gaming sector started using some bit of AR & VR in the last over a decade.

We are now seeing increased deployments of this technology by EdTech, Manufacturing, Healthcare, Retail, Media & Entertainment sectors and other verticals. Pandemic has only accelerated its adoption. E-learning, Travel and Hospitality include other sectors joining the AR&VR. The benefits that these technologies bring are multifold. In the Manufacturing sector, more greenfield plants are being set up which require a large workforce to operate connected and advanced machinery. AR/VR based training and simulation solutions are thus being explored to bridge the skill gap of the available semi-skilled workforce. In addition to training, these technologies are also being deployed for maintenance, repair and operations, worker safety and training, engineering and design modelling.  Also, immersive technologies were helping EdTech sector improve learning outcomes, increase overall engagement and interactivity.

Israel Companies have the expertise in virtual reality that can help businesses exploit this opportunity. With the integration of AR with mobile devices, it is difficult for any business to ignore it. However, increased demand has also resulted in the emergence of numerous AR & VR app development companies in Israel.

Relevant companies, interested to learn more on Israel innovative technology on AR/VR, please contact the Trade and Economic Department at the Israeli Consulate General in Bengaluru.

Contact: Ms. Kavitha S
Trade Officer -Trade and Economic Mission, Consulate General of Israel to South India (Bangalore). Tel: +91-80-49406515.