The Israeli Economic Mission in New Delhi has been approached by the Israeli companies to get in touch with Relevant stakeholders in India. VirtuOptica, Israel has reinvented the world of vision testing and exploring opportunities to attract Investments and Manufacturing in India.


The Existing Systems:

For over 100 years, getting a prescription for eyeglasses has been a time-consuming, arduous procedure that requires a questionnaire A/B decision.


The Israeli Innovation:

VirtuOptica, Israel has reinvented the world of vision testing with Opticular 360:


A game-changing, patented solution that includes all hardware and software in a single wearable device. Opticular 360 is the most advanced device in optometry, delivering an unmatched 3D experiential automated vision testing game for glasses prescription with all the best features of telemedicine.

The patented automated technology is based on an interactive 3D game, which analyzes the way the patient’s brain perceives visual information.


Eyes + Brain = Vision


This breakthrough development is one of a kind in its’ field and applies advanced technologies together with bio signal marker interpretation and human-machine interface.

Usable from any location – Be it a retail chain, an optician’s shop, a pharmacy, or a rural setting – Opticular 360 transmits the test results in real-time to an on-duty optometrist­ who can remotely access the device directly or through virtual platforms such as Metaverse, run additional test features as needed, and validate the prescription.


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