Every year, around the world 13 million medical or cosmetic breast procedures and surgeries are being performed. Yet, there is NO STANDARD for post-op care. While the techniques used in breast surgeries have improved drastically over the years, post-surgery recovery solutions sadly, remained unchanged.

An Israeli company has innovated EZbra which is the First and ONLY Sterile, Disposable, and Feminine Post-Surgical Bra for all breast procedures and both the Aesthetic as well as Oncology patients. It’s specifically designed to improve the recovery experience after breast surgeries, allowing patients to recover with dignity. It enables surgeons to address patient discomfort immediately following surgeries and it’s quick, simple application saves time in the operating room.


EZbra is a disruptive solution to the primary and secondary wound care requirements, and to the different and various needs arising from different procedures, (asymmetry, adjustable compression etc.)  It is an elegant and feminine medical device, (FDA class 1 exempt from 510K), an all-in-one designated item, made to replace the assorted products used today, layer over layer. EZbra is designed to cover most of the drain exits with a soft and absorptive layer. The upper flex bands can hold and stabilize the drain tubes, reducing pain and discomfort, while the lower flex bands safely carry and hold the drain bulbs.


EZbra is good for all breast procedures – lumpectomy, mastectomy, reconstruction, reduction, lift, and augmentation. EZbra’s adjustability allows it to be tailor-made for each procedure’s specific requirements.


EZbra has approached the Israeli Economic Mission and is seeking introductions with Indian companies and distributors, which provide aesthetic equipment for clinics, centers and hospitals, breast implants or surgery. So far they are selling only via an online shop for US residents and now are looking for Indian distributors.

(Source: https://ezbra.net/why-choose-ezbra)



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