The Israeli Economic Mission in New Delhi has continuously been approached by the Israeli companies to get in touch with Relevant stakeholders in India.

In this message we would like to introduce an Israeli company Nanosono that has developed advanced antibacterial and antiviral technology which is based on nanotechnology and manages to destroy bacteria, viruses and other microorganisms on Fabrics in an efficient, permanent and in non-toxic way.


Antibacterial fabrics for Medical and Non-Medical applications

  • Proven permanent and long-lasting antibacterial action
  • The technology can be embedded in Non-woven and Woven fabrics
  • Has been tested against the most clinically relevant antibiotic-resistant bacteria (According to AATCC100)
  • Hemostatic properties


They are seeking for strategic collaborations with Textile Manufactures and Textile Finished-product manufactures in India.




Relevant Indian companies, interested to learn more about Nanosono and the Industrial uses, please contact the Trade and Economic Department at the Israeli Embassy in New Delhi.

Please contact: Tejinder Singh (