The Israeli Economic Missions in India are continuously approached by the Israeli companies to get in touch with relevant stakeholders in India for their technologies and solutions.

In this context, we would like to introduce an Israeli company OmnySense, which has developed a game-changer in the subject of thermometers.  Thermometers are a common item in the medicine cabinet of almost every household. But this new invention is not just a regular body temperature-checking thermometer. It also checks the respiratory rate, ECG, oxygen levels, and pulse rate.

The patented OmnySense device, designed by Tamooz Product Design in Kfar Saba, has an in-built microphone that records breath sounds. A pulse oximeter and ECG electrodes line the grooves where the fingers, holds the device.

Patients at home now have a simple device that checks all their vitals in one go. Testing has never been simpler as the data can be read over to a physician remotely. It is easier for the physician to see if the patient is getting better or worse with time.

Relevant Indian companies, interested to learn more about OmnySense and their uses, please contact the Trade and Economic Department at the Israeli Consulate in Bangalore.

Please contact: Veshala Gajaraj (