At your service during your next visit to the Kempegowda International Airport (KIA) will be robots. Bangalore International Airport Limited (BIAL) has introduced what it has termed the first-of-its-kind AI-driven, assistance robots to enhance passenger experience at the airport.

Currently in the trial stage, 10 robots have been deployed to help guide passengers through the airport and answer basic queries. The robot count will be increased in a calibrated manner and will be further developed over a period.  The “default language of communication will be English, with additional regional and international languages in the offing,” the release added.

“The robots will provide a variety of services, which include providing information on the flight status, passenger convenience services, directional assistance, retail, and F&B information. They will navigate autonomously through the terminal and escort passengers to their desired locations.

If due to any reason, the robot is unable to answer queries, passengers shall be immediately connected to the airport help desk via video call, on the robot screen itself,” the release explained.

RPA trends and predictions will boost the technology-driven industry.

The major objective of deploying robotic process automation technology is to reduce the amount of time and effort required by people to execute time-consuming and repetitive operations. RPA allows software robots to take over routine activities that would otherwise be performed by clever humans, decreasing mistakes, saving money, and freeing up resources to focus on the most essential tasks that require human interaction.

Israel companies offer few Industrial Robotics Technologies, AI-enabled robot navigation platform, positioned for research and prototype development purposes, IoT-based equipment monitoring and analysis solution, Developing robotic control technology for innovative methods of human machine interaction, and AI-based perception technology for robots and many more.

Relevant companies, interested to learn more on Israel innovative technology on Industrial Robotics, please contact the Trade and Economic Department at the Israeli Consulate General in Bengaluru.

Contact: Ms. Kavitha S
Trade Officer -Trade and Economic Mission, Consulate General of Israel to South India (Bangalore). Tel: +91-80-49406515.