When we talk about the next significant sector of Israel, it is essential not to miss the food packaging industry that is slowly making its presence felt with the innovative solutions and technologies that cater to the changing needs of the Food Tech industries across the globe.

Until quite recently, packaging was primarily considered a functional part of the job, which is just used to protect its contents inside and ensure that the product reaches its end consumer or the retail shelves without any hassle. But now, with all the advanced innovations in food packaging, their role has been extended in order to provide more personalized solutions to the customers and retailers that could address their requirements of sustainable and quality packaging for their products.

As mentioned above, sustainability is a big issue which the Israeli packaging industry is bringing forward and tackling with mindful outcomes and solutions. A fantastic tool to fight against any kind of food waste, sustainable packaging solves multiple problems with a simple solution.

Israel, which is a global leader in sustainable solutions, has provided tons of improved and innovative technologies such as digital printing, internet of packaging, flexible packaging and compostable solutions, etc., that have changed the way the Foodtech industry operates especially after the pandemic.

Smart and sustainable packaging has become an essential part of the food processing and manufacturing industry, and Israel has been making waves and redefining the norms that have not only brought more transparency to the entire process but also made it more efficient and environmentally friendly.

So whether you are looking for thermal imaging for heat sealings or modified humidity packaging for fresh produce, Israel has got you covered. And this is what makes them truly stand out and bring their innovation to the world.

There is no refuting the fact that packaging is an integral part of the consumer experience and good packaging only makes the whole experience more significant for the stakeholders involved. With revolutionary tech and economical solutions, Israel is not only leading the smart packaging initiative across the world but also ensuring that the upcoming solutions are only bigger, better, and more accessible to users across different verticals and sectors.


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Ms. Priyanka Nangalia

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