In the previous two years, the overall focus of EdTech companies was to ensure that the overall void created by the pandemic could be filled. This meant that the companies focused on creating platforms and delivering courses. However, the EdTech evolution would go to the next level in the current year. The overall learner personalisation would improve along with the reorientation of education on a personalized level to facilitate better learning outcomes

A number of experts feel that the blockchain technology (that helps in copying and transfer of data but does not allow modification) could be a significant force in the EdTech field as well. This is because the technique could be used in several areas such as examination management, student credentials verification, certificate verification etc. These are the weaker points that have limited the overall expansion and growth of the sector in different parts of the country. Hence, blockchain might be the sector’s innovation to take things to the next level.

India is already witnessing a significant amount of disruption caused by the EdTech enterprises in providing education at all levels. Wherein the past couple of years were dedicated to building platforms and creating awareness and building courses, this year would witness a number of new changes in the field that will further solidify the place of digital tools in the country’s education sector.

Israel has long been an entrepreneurial powerhouse bringing pioneering technologies and high investment returns to the global community, which holds true for our EdTech sector as well”. EdTech Israel is the national business hub that successfully connects the Israeli education business sector with international entrepreneurs, investors, and business partners. By collaborating with other national EdTech hubs and international partners, EdTech Israel creates knowledge, expands relationships, and builds business bridges in education innovation all around the world.

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