Israelis’ are famous for thinking “Out of the Box”.

One such innovation is the Multifocal Glasses.


In this era of the digital world, glasses have become a requisite. But, Multifocals are becoming quite popular. Multifocals allow the wearer to see far distances through the top, a mid-range object through the middle, and near vision through the bottom of the glass.


But, the process of getting a glass takes a lot of time. Visual distortions, delay in the prescription, and waiting for the glasses to be delivered to you – these issues can be exhausting.


Israeli startup Addon Optics has developed a device that can produce a multifocal glass within 6 minutes, costing a fraction of the original price. An optician inserts two plastic sheets into the device – a standard single-vision lens, and a thin, flexible lens that adds multifocal capabilities. 24 unique combinations with quarter diopter steps are possible.


Unlike the standard operation procedure, where the anti-reflective and anti-scratching layers are added after the production of the lens, Addon supplies lens materials already coated with them.


Interested may kindly contact the Israeli Trade and Economic Mission in the Consulate General of Israel in Bengaluru.


Trade Officer: (Ms.) Veshala Gajaraj




Source: Israel21c