Using a specially-designed headset to measure brain activity, they’ve collected enough data to readily identify universal “signatures” – or biomarkers – common to everyone, that indicate when they are engaged, bored, happy, sad, confused or anxious. They can literally see what’s going on inside your brain, objectively, in real time.

They can literally see what’s going on inside your brain, objectively, in real time.  The researchers at Tel Aviv-based made headlines recently, when their headsets were sent into space, as part of Israel’s Rakia mission on the International Space Station.

They’re still analyzing results from their experiments in space in which three astronauts, including Eytan Stibbe, Israel’s second man in space, were assessed on a 10-minute cognitive task performed both in space and back on Earth.

They are at the forefront of a brain insight revolution on a par with mobile phone revolution. It is opening up a new world of opportunities to gather and use insights on what is really happening inside our heads. The tech they’re working is a quantum leap, tapping directly into the human brain, rather than relying on our words. What we say isn’t always what we mean. What we tell market researchers isn’t always the truth. But the brain. space technology bypasses all that and heads straight for the grey matter.

You may say the movie was great, but the data says otherwise. Lines on the graph clearly show you were bored. The big surprise failed to surprise you. It is clear you weren’t engaged. The breakthrough that has allowed Levy and his team to gain such clear insights is a helmet – they call it a headset – with 460 sensors that monitor all aspects of brain activity and which should be available in 2024.

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