For ages, cleaning solar panels has involved mops and buckets, with the occasional usage of cranes, tractors, and other heavy machinery.


That is until Israeli startup Solar Drone came up with an innovative solution to handle this problem.


Solar Drone has developed drones that are specially programmed to fly over solar fields, employ high-pressured jet to hose down each panel, return to the base for a refill, and to replace batteries.


A solar panel’s full potential is disrupted due to collection of dust, bird droppings, and various other factors, and their effectiveness can go down to almost 30%.


The drones are equipped with cameras to see which panels need to be cleaned. They can clean solar panels in any climatic zone, weather conditions, irrespective of whether it’s day or night.


CEO and Founder of Solar Drone, Shmuel Yannay, founded the company in 2020 for all drone related needs.


Recently, Solar Drone successfully concluded their pilot project with Enlight Renewable Energy, an Israeli firm that develops and manages solar and wind power facilities.




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