Israel develops technology for driverless vehicles that are to be adopted by Japan soon.


Innoviz technologies, an Israeli IT company, has developed state-of-the-art software and sensors that gather mapping information. This software is used as a guide for various postal mail delivery vehicles.


The LiDAR technology that Innoviz uses can detect and perceive traffic, roads, and people better than an average human driver, starkly reducing the range of possible accidents and errors. One hundred twenty-five million residents of Japan rely on the Japan Post. Japan Post operates the majority of postal services and post offices. They announced their collaboration with Innoviz One sensors on a portion of its postal vehicles during the Scrum SmartCityX conference held in San Francisco, USA.


David Oberman, Vice President (Asia) at Innoviz, says, “Our innovative collaboration with Japan Post highlights the versatility of the Innoviz LiDAR and this is another example of new ways to use LiDAR in smart cities”.  He continues, we are grateful for the resources and support from Scrum Ventures to accelerate deployment of our InnovizOne LiDAR sensors for constructing digital maps and bringing value to Japan residents.”


Details of the necessary digital maps needed for the automated vehicles will be generated by the Japan Post delivery vehicles. The software’s training and exercise algorithm is set to use the information gathered, such as road changes and building construction timelines along delivery routes.


Innoviz’s LiDAR and unique perception software provide a comprehensive 3-dimensional image of a scene that is the future of cameras and self-driving vehicles worldwide.



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