Fruit-picking is an art, and requires a lot of effort. Getting the timing right is very essential, or farmers could lose $30 billion in sales every year. Even being two weeks late causes the fruit to lose 80% of its value.


Most of the time, farmers fall short because they don’t have enough labor to pick fruits on time.


Israel startup Tevel Aerobotics Technologies, has a simple solution to this problem. Drones. They developed flying autonomous drones (FARs) to pick up only ripe fruits.


Each FAR is programmed with advanced AI that helps it determine which fruit is ripe and ready to be picked. It is equipped with a one-meter long mechanical arm to twist and pluck the fruit off the tree.


The drones run either on gas or electricity. Because they are attached, they can be recharged without having to land.


The drones require a few details while setting up, like what fruits need to be picked, the color grading to determine the ripeness, size and weight of the fruit. This usually takes up 1-2 hours. Then, they can be controlled by a mobile app.


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