In today’s highly competitive industrial demands for consistent and high-quality products, many industries are now struggling to continue to be a part of the ever-increasing competition.

Now, in order to address these challenges, especially in the post-covid era, plenty of industries are considering and adopting various advanced product designs and advanced manufacturing integrated techniques along with the use of automated devices.

This phenomenon of using a computer, information technologies, or even robots for handling various machinery and processes in an industry in replacement of a human being is known as industrial automation.

In the scope of automation, industrialization is the second important step beyond mechanization.

Industrial automation has many advantages like high productivity, quality, flexibility, information accuracy, etc. And while many countries are trying to lead in industrial automation, Israel is one such nation that has rightly made an impact on automation in industries.

Many Israeli companies are carving a name for themselves in industrial automation. They have innovative ideas and products and can solve a problem that can improve the industries’ operations in the long run.

From startups designed to solve inadequate process inefficiencies to companies that provide dependable solutions in manufacturing- the Israeli industrial automation solutions have proven to significantly improve overall operations in many sectors such as oil, pharma, food processing, etc.

Especially since 2021, the industrial automation technology and products in Israel have risen significantly, with an overall rise in the plans for further integration in the coming years.

Companies worldwide that have already implemented industrial automation solutions in their plants and factories are now looking at Israel to provide them with relatively cheap, easy-to-maneuver and adapt technologies to streamline their operations further and improve overall processes.

The onset of the pandemic further accelerated the demand for digitalization in areas like safety, supply chain management, warehousing, etc. Adopting these technologies has fastened the transformation of these workflows from a couple of years to just a few months.

And for a country that thrives on innovation and technological advances, Israel has presented some of the best solutions that have only augmented the advanced manufacturing and operations across local and global industries.

While there is still a lot on the horizon and plenty more to accomplish, there is no escaping the fact that Israel has some exceptional startups and technologies in industrial automation that can change the face of businesses in the long run.


To know more about Industrial automation in Israel, please reach out to:

Ms. Priyanka Nangalia

Trade Officer -Trade and Economic Mission, Mumbai