(Source: www.soos.org.il)

Indian poultry farms kill unwanted male chicks because they cannot lay eggs. They have been doing it by using gruesome methods such as drowning, burning, and crushing. Such crude killing of chicks is a cognizable offence in India. An Israeli company SOOS has an innovative solution for Indian Hatcheries and Poultry Farms to save the Chicks. By using this solution they don’t need to slaughter the Chicks using any gruesome method. And it will add to their Profits.

An Israeli startup SOOS has found a solution for the sex-reversal process that literally turns chick embryos inside the egg from male to female. Their unique proposition is to produce more female layer chickens without materially changing the existing resources.

The company has developed a hatching system that affects the sex development process in poultry embryos during the incubation stage and is able to turn genetic male layers into functional female layers that can lay eggs.

The procedure adds sound and a software control layer to the incubator, which provide a non-invasive, non-GMO, and non-hormonal based solution while maintaining the industry incubation practices. The treatment is safe for the embryos, non-intrusive to the eggs, and does not involve any form of genetic modification or hormonal intervention.

In other words, the chickens are still genetically male, but are biologically female.

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