The Industry 4.0 sector in India is constantly growing, especially post the pandemic, where industries are looking for better automation and IoT solutions. With the same in mind, the Israel Economic & Trade Mission to Mumbai, in collaboration with Centre for Industry 4.0 Lab (C4i4), organized an interactive event on 14th September 2022 in Pune with five Israeli companies that provide sustainable solutions in the I4.0 domain and whose solutions would greatly benefit the Indian industries.

The Israeli companies that participated in the event were:

  • Jiga: Automated Sourcing Management Platform for Hardware Companies
  • DiagSense: Predictive Maintenance for Mechanical Systems and Pipelines
  • QualityLine: Manufacturing Data Analytics
  • Cybord: AI-based Visual Inspection for Electronic Component Analytics and Traceability
  • VocalZoom: Advanced Sensing Technology for Industrial IoT

All these five Israeli companies cater to different verticals in Industry 4.0, allowing the Indian audience who were physically present for the event to get a broader overview of what Israel has to offer in this particular domain.

These companies virtually showcased their technologies and solutions and further discussed how they could apply to the Indian industries. The event was held in the manufacturing hub of India- Pune, and was attended by senior executives of various Indian companies who not only participated in the discussions but also had one-on-one meetings with the Israeli companies post the event.

Overall, the event was a huge success and created value for both Indian and Israeli counterparts.

Israel, a technological hub, has a lot to offer in the I4.0 domain across various industries and sectors. Their innovative solutions have managed to change how the industries operate, and it is about time that India, too, is also looking for advanced automation solutions that could optimize their operations and make them more economical and viable in the long run.

With these new advancements in mind, we believe the Israeli I4.0 solutions would be an excellent fit for the Indian industries, especially the conglomerates that are looking for such opportunities for their manufacturing platforms. This was very well-witnessed on 14th September with the response we garnered and the opportunities we created.

We look forward to more such collaborations in the future, where we would be able to present relevant Israeli technologies and solutions to Indian companies looking to elevate and upgrade.

To know more about Industry 4.0 in Israel, please reach out to:

Ms. Priyanka Nangalia

Trade Officer -Trade and Economic Mission, Mumbai