Recently, there has been a steady increase in the number of AIs that are able to write skillful sentences.


Would this put professional writer’s out of a job?


Ori Goshen, the CEO of AI21, an Israeli startup says NO.

AI21’s flagship product, Wordtune, is more than just a grammar checker. It offers a variety of features, like rewrites – in different kinds of tones, too. It also helps you shorten or expand your sentences.


Wordtune is available as a stand-alone version, as well as a plugin in Google Chrome.


Wordtune also has a second product that reads and summarizes long or complicated paragraphs. The system also has the provision to customize snippets based on your requirements. You just have to enter a keyword and it will focus on areas that focus on that word.


AI21 is also building a translation module. Wordtune is now going to constitute 3 products, the translation module has 9 languages, however, the output is only in English as of now.


Wordtune is less of a threat and more of a writer’s sidekick!


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Veshala Gajaraj, Trade Officer
Trade & Economic Mission of Israel in Bengaluru


Source: Israel21c