Education Technology, also known as EdTech, is the advanced practice of using technological tools in classrooms to create an exclusive and more engaging learning experience for students.

This custom has significantly grown in the pandemic, where the students couldn’t physically attend the classes and therefore had to depend on Zoom and other online mediums for their education. These obstacles gave rise to an innovative solution that is now being widely accepted and adopted by top universities and schools worldwide.

The upside to embracing technology for education is that it can be personalized as per the needs of the students, which can make the whole experience more engaging.

Education technologies can be adopted in many forms, like Virtual Reality Sessions, Gamification, Artificial Intelligence, IoT devices, etc. EdTech provides plenty of alternatives to choose from, which has made the whole adoption of these technologies alluring and acceptable on a larger scale.

And while we have Byjus, Unacademy, which is changing the face of EduTech in India, Israel is forging a brand-new educational model that focuses on creating a lasting impact and transforming the education sector across the globe.

Several EdTech startups from Israel are a part of this new wave of change. Following are a few Israeli startups with something unique to offer in educational technology.

CodeMonkey: CodeMonkey is an award-winning game-based computer programming platform that teaches kids complex coding languages (Python, CoffeeScript) through an engaging environment. They have an all-inclusive platform conducive to all children, teachers, and parents.

Fourier Education: Fourier Education which is the developer of ‘Einstein,’ is one of the leaders in science education technologies, sensors, and data loggers for students from primary school to universities. The four pillars of Fourier’s comprehensive solution are compact portable data logging devices (tablet, laptop, desktop, smartphone, etc.), a data analysis software suite, over 60 sensors, and proprietary pedagogical curriculum materials.

Magnilearn: MagniLearn is an education-as-a-service (EaaS) company that provides an intelligent English language learning platform to schools worldwide using neuroscience, artificial intelligence, and cognitive principles. They provide a hybrid platform based on a content model which allows them to quickly adapt to any school curriculum in real-time and create viable lessons for students that matches their strengths and weaknesses.

Matific: Matific is a fantastic tool that teaches math to kids from kindergarten to grade 6 through interactive and hands-on games and quizzes.  Matific’s strength is based on its 5-point principle, which includes- conceptual understanding, critical thinking, meaningful context, personalized learning, and intrinsic engagements. They already have a strong presence in India and several other countries.

While these are just four different startups, we have many such innovative Edtech solutions in Israel that have the potential to transform the educational space across different countries.



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