Under the guidance of Prof. Hossam Haick, a chemical engineering lab at Technion, Israel Institute of Technology, has created a smart polymer that ties a wound together, prevents infection, and even digitally updates the surgeon on the state of the wound.

Prior to making a surgical incision, the dressing would be put into the region. After the procedure, the wound’s two ends fuse together in three seconds.

Antibiotics are released from the dressing to prevent infection. The dressing sends real-time updates on changes in temperature, pH, and glucose levels to the medical team’s smart devices.

Although the idea was Haick’s, the execution was carried out by Ning Tag, Haick’s postdoctoral student.

Made from sulfur and nitrogen, Tang’s polymer functions like a molecular zipper. When squeezed together after being opened by the surgeon’s knife, it closes and is secure. Electric conductivity and the integration of the sensor array are both provided by integrated carbon nanotubes.

Wounds closed just as fast as they would when closed with sutures, and they also showed a decrease in rates of infection.

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Source: Israel21c