The developments in IT over the recent years have taken the world by storm, no doubt.

But, with a rise in the “no-code” approach to building software tools, the IT world has opened new doors for a lot of people.

And yet, there seems to be more than enough room for innovation.

SPIRITT, a new Israeli startup led by Tamir Magen and Or Kliger, has developed a system that lets people build applications by simply talking to an AI bot.

The chatbot questions the creator like a human developer would. It asks what problem the app would solve, and the creator’s design preferences, and ensures that the AI understands the creator perfectly.

The best part, SPIRITT builds every app from scratch.

It gets better. The creator does not have to pay until they are satisfied with the app. They are given a period of seven days to decide.

If the app is accepted, SPIRITT charges a monthly subscription fee that covers hosting the app, access to a payment system (US-based processor Stripe), versions for mobile and desktop, and making any necessary upgrades.

As SPIRITT is built to build complex apps, not everyone can hop on the trend. The creator must first submit a form, after which an algorithm ranks the idea. SPIRITT will return with an answer after a week or so.


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Source: Israel21c