Smart Cities is the buzzword in India since the launch of the Smart Cities Mission by the Government of India in 2015. As per their official website, their main objective is to promote cities that provide core infrastructure, a clean and sustainable environment, and give a decent quality of life to their citizens through the application of ‘smart solutions’.  Israel has much to offer in this arena and in this blog, we will highlight some of the interesting Israeli companies and their solutions for Smart Cities.

ACiiST Smart Networks develops networking solutions for smart cities. ACiiST converts existing street light systems into an urban IoT infrastructure, enabling easy installation of cameras, Wi-Fi, sensors, or other IoT devices and providing a secure, high-performing network without the typical disruption and costs of the alternatives. The companys MetropoLAN technology is a high-availability, cyber-secure network architecture that requires minimal installation, making it ideal for deployment in large metropolitan areas, with standard network connections at the desired locations.

ArrowEcology has developed ArrowBio for treating municipal solid waste and producing green energy. Arrow uses hydraulic separation and preparation with a liquid anaerobic treatment rather than traditional mechanization systems. Arrow customers can reduce landfill-destined residue to 20%, substantially increasing recycling percentages, minimizing pollution, and reducing waste treatment costs. The company has signed contracts in Australia and China, and was chosen as the best available technology in California, India, Italy, Mexico, and Puerto Rico.

Bright Innovations develops information and communication technologies designed to support the smart city vision of a smart and shared environment for people, vehicles, and devices inhabiting the urban environment. The company achieves its goal primarily through its Coral Reef solution, an open smart city platform divided into three parts. The first part entails the Coral Reef engine units (or nodes), which are embedded into or attached to street lights and have advanced communications and processing capabilities. The second part of the system is the Bright Innovations app store, a cloud-based data center where third-party applications can utilize onboard hardware to provide smart cities with a multitude of applications and solutions. Collection and analysis in cloud-based data repositories enables big data and artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities. The third part of the Bright Innovations platform is a gateway for application developers and users that provides advanced control and monitoring features.

Cellint provides complete location and mobility solutions for smart cities and mobile carriers by using big-data analytics for cellular data. Cellint’s solutions track all active phones in the network, passively and anonymously, to the exact street they are traveling on, pinpointing their exact location on that route in short intervals. This data is used by municipalities, governments, mobile operators, and industry players across the globe to facilitate real-time traffic management, transportation management and planning, congestion mitigation and signal timing, crowd and event management, safe city, tourism management, and other location-based services. Cellint’s systems are deployed over tens of thousands of kilometers across the globe.

CityShob develops an urban platform for controlling and operating city assets efficiently, reliably, and safely. Its technology provides the public and private sectors with tools for smart management of operations and informed decision making. By gathering IoT data from a city’s assets and citizens, CityShob can provide advanced analytics and facilitate data collaboration with visualized information in order to predict, alert, and manage the city’s events intelligently and safely.

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