It was great to meet the team behind Facetrom, @Ido Peleg and @dr.Amir Uziel, and its promising technology to help financial & Insurance companies serve all people even the 70% of Indians with no credit history in less than 3 seconds with amazing accuracy.

During their visit to Delhi last month, they presented to the Indian stakeholders of the biggest companies in Delhi the unique face analysis of Anti-fraud technology and met some health key players for their face diagnosis new product.


For many years, Facetrom has been exploring the correlation between biological characteristics, on one hand, and facial morphology and personality traits, on the other hand. The Facetrom team has a passionate motivation and unrelenting desire to understand why every person has a different appearance and how these differences affect a person’s character, the decisions taken, the capabilities, talents, shortcomings and more. They focused their attention on implementing a novel technology that turns the insights revealed in one’s face into business values.

Facetrom has acquired extensive knowledge and experience in computer vision, image processing, machine learning, deep learning, AI, statistics, software engineering, evolutionary psychology, management, and more.

While they have been taught from a very young age that they should not “judge a book by its cover”, Facetrom is disrupting this paradigm; thus far, they have successfully proven that their appearance is a critical component, allowing us to make better and more accurate decisions.

No doubt, they are merely scratching the surface of the enormous markets and use cases, of which Facetrom technology may unlock the true potential of each individual in the world.

Therefore, Facetrom specializes in enabling the financially underserved to gain access to traditional banking services. About 2 billion adults worldwide are unbanked or underbanked, with no credit history or extremely limited accounts. By reducing the number of fraudsters from the pool of primarily trustworthy customers, Facetrom is helping to open new channels for the unbanked market.

They have been awarded for their technology

  • Best Israeli Fintech startup 2020 by Lendit (USA) & Israel Fintech Association
  • Best international Fintech startup in Brazil 2019 by CIAB
  • Best startup 2018 by the Israeli Air Force association

Facetrom has received great positive responses so far and we are pleased to help the Indian stakeholders and Facetrom tighter their relationship.

Please connect with Ashish Verma -Sr. Trade Officer ( for more information and an introduction with Facetrom.