Synonymic to smart manufacturing- Industry 4.0 is the fourth industrial revolution that aims to digitalize and transform the way companies and factories function all across the different platforms.

Irrespective of whether you are talking about Artificial Intelligence (AI) or Internet of thing (IoT), I4.0 covers everything which could improve and facilitate a company’s operations throughout their different facilities.

In fact, nowadays, I4.0 is not limited to only manufacturing companies, even service providing companies are looking to revolutionize their operations and make them smoother, more agile and inexpensive in the long run.

And who better than Israel in providing these cutting-edge and innovative technologies that could transform and streamline the operations of the companies and factories looking to implement and adopt I4.0 tech for their platforms.

While there are several countries that are reforming their technologies, Israel is the one nation that is slowly becoming the hub because of its innovative ecosystem and entrepreneurial culture. The disruptive Israeli tech advancements bring unique additions to the table that have transformed the global value chain of business and made them quicker and more accessible for different industrial verticals.

Israel’s technological advancements in the fields of AI, cybersecurity, smart sensors, blockchain, automation, etc., have begun to revamp the way the industries operate and manufacture various products.

This is one of the major reasons why Israel technology is largely adopted and now being implemented in India also across various verticals. Comparably, when we talk about I4.0 technologies, a large chuck of technologies and innovation come under this bracket and Israel has been a forerunner in majority of these technologies,

Whether you are talking about worker’s safety or predictive manufacturing, Israel has it all covered. With Incubation hubs across the country, the technologies in Israel are constantly improving and moving to better solutions and outcomes.

With many Indian companies paying attention to what Israel has to offer in smart manufacturing technologies, we are convinced that in due time, Israel’s innovative capabilities will take the whole of industries by storm and change the face of India. It’s indeed just a matter of time before India and other nations become a successful part of Israel’s Industry 4.0 ecosystem and embrace the industrial revolution with open arms.



To know more about Industry 4.0 in Israel, please reach out to:

Ms. Priyanka Nangalia

Trade Officer -Trade and Economic Mission, Mumbai