Across the globe, there are particular type of skincare and beauty products which are indigenous to specific countries. Usually when you hear the word skincare- the countries that pop in your head are USA, Italy or even South Korea.

And while the above-mentioned countries do have some of the best skincare technologies and solutions to their names, one forgets the fact that Israel is the only country that gives you the best of the Dead Sea minerals and their products.

Dead sea, which is a hypersaline lake, is situated in the Judean desert of southern Israel and is famously known for being the lowest point on the earth. It’s surface measures approx. 423 meters below sea level and it has 34% salinity. This makes the Dead Sea one of the saltiest water body on the earth (nine times salter than regular ocean water)

For those of you who don’t know this, Dead Sea is considered as one of the world’s ancient spas and that is because the Dead Sea minerals are great for your skin and body. They not only boost the overall health of your skin but can also treat many health conditions like psoriasis, arthritis and even rheumatoid. The Dead Sea mud has been successfully proven to have many anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties that make them such a huge hit among skincare enthusiasts and lovers.

Since the past couple of decades, Israel has been dominating the skincare and beauty realm of the world with its amazing skincare products which predominantly include these Dead Sea minerals.

There are many Israeli skincare brands such as AHAVA Dead Sea Laboratories, Minus 417 Cosmetics Research Ltd, Black Pearl Cosmetics etc. who are already making their presence feel in many countries.

India as a country has also been very actively looking at Israeli skincare, especially the Dead Sea mineral products like their mud masks and facial serums. Many big Indian distributors and retails chains are ardently scouting good Israeli skincare and beauty brands to add to their portfolio and present the same to the Indian consumers.

There is no doubt that the Israeli skincare is dominating the beauty markets across the globe and the positive effects they have over one’s skin has created an ever-increasing demand for their products especially from Israel. In fact, all of these advancements have made Tel Aviv one of the leading manufacturers of skincare in the world- all thanks to the Dead Sea and its rich minerals.

In essence, the Israeli skincare and beauty sector is surely is one of the best and burgeoning Israeli sectors to look out for in the coming future.


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