Breast cancer is one of the most prevalent type of cancer among women across the globe. Over 2.3 million women in the world suffer from it.
However, the good news is that if diagnosed at an early stage, breast cancer treatments can prove to be highly effective, achieving survival rate possibilities of 90% or higher.


In india, breast cancer is the country’s leading cause of cancer in women, followed by cervical cancer. Together they account for 39.4 per cent of the total cancer cases in women in India in 2020, according to the National Cancer Registry Program report.

Israel is one of the countries that has over the years attracted a huge number of breast cancer patients over the world due to the dedicated amount of research in the area.


In keeping with this, IceCure Medical, Israel announced its first case of breast tumour cryoablation performed with their ProSense technology in India! A 36-year-old woman received successful treatment at Kokilaben Dhirubhai Ambani Hospital in Mumbai last month.

IceCure Medical is a medical device company innovating cryotherapy solutions to treat benign & malignant tumors with their liquid nitrogen based ProSense™ Cryoablation System for women’s health and interventional oncology.

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