(source: https://tipa-corp.com/)


TIPA believes packaging should be part of a circular economy, where materials that are produced can be reused for another valuable purpose: our compostable packaging biodegrades into nourishing compost, leaving behind the same nutrients left by organic waste. The breakthrough process literally turns food and clothes packaging into garden compost.

TIPA’s vision for flexible packaging is to have the same end-of-life as organic matter while maintaining the qualities of conventional plastics that consumers and brands have come to rely on, like durability, transparency, barrier, seal ability, printability, and shelf-life. TIPA’s sustainable packaging solutions seamlessly fit with industrial machinery and manufacturing practices. Compostable packaging can meet the same performance standards as conventional plastic.

Tipa’s plastics have the same elasticity, durability and look and feel as conventional ones. The only difference is that they use a handful of additives to ensure that they will be fully compostable, under the right conditions.

For more information please contact: Tejinder Singh (Tejinder.Singh@israeltrade.gov.il)