It’s MWC time of the year again!

We are happy to share about the Israeli companies exhibiting at the event.

This year 29 Israeli companies will be showcasing their technologies at MWC, Barcelona.

Appnext App recommendation platform, encompassing both in-app and on-device discovery. Through its direct partnerships with top OEMs, operators and app developers, Appnext creates a discovery experience that predicts the app users are likely to use next. Appnext’s recommendations are helping app marketers reach more engaged users and get their apps discovered, used and re-used.
Autotalks Autotalks develops vehicle-to-everything (V2X) chipset solutions that reduce collisions on roadways and improve mobility everywhere. Autotalks technology complements the information coming from other sensors, specifically in non-line-of-sight scenarios, rough weather, or poor lighting conditions. It can help improve overall road safety by effectively coordinating vehicles, self-driving cars, motorcyclists, and pedestrians.
Compira labs The company offers streaming solutions, adjusting for the specific needs of each client. VOD streaming services require high video quality, while cloud gaming services require faster response. Compira labs can differentiate between different needs and make the necessary adjustments.
Deeyook Deeyook provides indoor and outdoor location technology with a precision of 10 centimeters. It’s a wireless solution, that can be installed in any WiFi/4G/5G radio access technology, and it works by measuring angles of wireless transmissions.
D-ID D-ID’s generative AI technology enables creators to generate photorealistic digital presenters from text, dramatically reducing the cost and hassle of video production at scale. Customers include leading e-learning platforms, Fortune 500 companies, marketing agencies, production companies, social media platforms and content creators of all sorts
Driivz Provides operating systems for EV charging operators. Driivz services consist of 3 main pillars: able to provide successful continuous operation of EV charging stations, a built-in billing operation, and an energy management software. It’s relevant to mobile companies because they already have a lot of the infrastructure to provide that kind of service.
eXaware Offers an operating system for routers, with the process of optimization and adaptation can provide different functionalities into the router for the different costumers’ needs, while simultaneously being energy efficient. They provide both the hardware they acquire and the software they develop acting as a one-stop shop for the costumer.
EyeNet EyeNet is a vehicle-to-everything (V2X) collision prediction comprehensive software solution. The service seamlessly integrates with smartphones / smart devices and relies on existing cellular networks, without requiring a registered user profile. Eye-Net incorporates AI algorithms to enhance accuracy, predict collisions, reduce latency & optimize device resource consumption.
FirstPoint Provides cyber security platform for IOT enterprises who deal with millions of connected devices that are connected through cellular connectivity. FirstPoint detects, alerts, and protects, providing management per device and tools for deception.
Flycomm Flycomm develops a software platform based on algorithms for monitoring, managing, and planning communication-based applications for smart city ecosystems.
Friendly Technologies Friendly is a device management platform provider (software company). The platform can manage any device (smart homes, routers, utilities, and smart cities.) With Friendly, the carrier can manage all aspects of the device, improve the customer experience, reduces costs, provisions new devices, monitors QoE, and configures and updates firmware remotely, while offering data insights to service providers.
Galooli Remote energy monitoring and management for ICT and IIoT infrastructure. With hardware-and-software-agnostic solutions, companies cam remotely monitor, manage, and control energy assets and improve the energy efficiency of any site.
Inpris Inpris product combines human qualities with AI capabilities to deliver a great customer experience at a fraction of a cost. Its technology simulates natural communication, and possesses the ability to execute tasks, such as searching for answers in company databases, extracting user-specific data, updating systems, or activating API-based software.
Nexuce enabling telecom and mobile operators to effortlessly source, sell, buy, and share the latest telecom technologies – all through the seamless, streamlined Nexuce platform.
NOVELSAT Provides content connectivity solutions for the broadcast and the broadband domains. Novelsat solutions bring the content closer to the user, which maximazes user experience and minimizes network congestion, taking the load of the network and the broadband. Users can even enjoy quality broadcast at places such as stadiums where the broadband can be streched too thin.
OneLayer OneLayer is a cybersecurity platform dedicated to private cellular networks. The company extends and adopts existing security methodologies to this new type of network and provides full asset visibility, context-based segmentation, cellular anomaly detection and response, and zero-trust device connectivity.
Pente Networks Pente developes private networks for enterprises. Pente partners with leading service providers and system integrators to deliver an end-to-end Private LTE/5G Network solution that is a cloud hosted, standalone or hybrid solution, in a SaaS, manages service or self-owned and controlled model.
PureSight Technologies PureSights provides a variety of products meant to help parents protect their children from cyber bullies, internet predators, and unsolicited adult-oriented websites on PCs and mobile devices. It helps parents monitor their kid’s internet activity and block undesirable contacts and potentially harmful content.
RAD RAD offers Fixed Wireless Access solutions for business services, enabling VPN and Internet access over 5G. This allows enterprise customers to use fixed mobile VPNs where needed, using wireless and wireline branch connectivity options.
Radix Radix’s mission is to consolidate all the organization’s devices, related work processes and stakeholders in one easy-to-use management platform.

The all-in-one cloud-based management platform enables users to increase administrative effectiveness, reduce operational complexity, save time and money, reduce customer churn and increase overall satisfaction.

Radware The company provides network and application security services, for service providers and enterprises, including 5G networks. Offers protection from various cyber threats, including Bot attacks.
SolCold SolCold developed a nanotechnological material designed to cool without any power consumption. The material uses sunlight for cooling and is most effective when it is very hot and the sun is at its strongest. SolColds material can be used as a coating for cooling cars, buildings, containers, fabrics, airplanes, and more.
Spacecom Spacecom is a global fixed-satellite service provider. Operating the advanced AMOS satellite fleet, Spacecom provides broadcast and broadband satellite services, with much flexability to the customers needs.
SQream Requiring hardly any changes to hardware or infrastructure, SQream enables businesses to easily ingest, store, and analyze hundreds of terabytes of data easily and in near-real time.
Talamoos With Talamoos, companies can predict in real time what their users will do next (watch, buy…) with these prediction capabilities, companies can customize their services to the needs of their clients.
Techsee Visual assistance company with a platform that allows companies to support remote customers and technicians via live human interaction and self-service automation.
Trackimo From development, manufacturing, back-end, service, connectivity, and everything in between, Trackimo serves as a one-stop-shop for tracking devices for business and individuals. The tracking device is based on a SIM card which companies GPS, WiFi, and GSM to provide most accurate information.
Tupaia Software-based precise positioning for GNSS (GSP) capable devices. those devices range from watches, phones to missiles and drones. Tupaia’s solution enables centimeter level accurate positioning in complex environments.
Webbing Webbing is a global data mobile virtual network operator (MVNO).  The companys solutions are designed to provide reliable, secure, and continuous internet connection to devices wherever they are located. Its solutions deliver centralized means of deploying, controlling, monitoring, and optimizing data usage for organizations with a global fleet of devices.


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