May 22nd – 24th | Tel Aviv

The Main Event | May 23rd | EXPO TLV

Growing from a one-day event, EcoMotion Week has become one of the most exciting and dedicated smart mobility events globally. Last year, EMW22 included a gala event hosting

500 industry leaders, and a trade show attracting 3,000 professionals, including: 90 delegations from 65 countries, 70 partners and 110 presenting startups.


EMW23 will include a one-day trade show in Expo TLV, featuring presenting startups and industry booths showcasing the global smart mobility industry. The event week will facilitate opportunities for knowledge sharing, networking and business interactions.

This year is all about Mobility 360! Together we’ll explore the ways in which innovation in smart mobility can impact our world, environment, cities and communities.




Please contact me for more information.

Pearlini Wathore
Trade Officer – Ministry of Economy and Industry, Israel
Consulate General of Israel in Mumbai

Tel: +91 22 61600521