The Ministry of Economy and Industry, Government of Israel has published a guide on Investing in Israeli Industry.

The report mentions The Encouragement of Capital Investments Law. This Law provides for grants and tax benefits offered in the areas of Grants Programs, From Development to Production and Initial Factory, and Tax Benefits for Rental Accommodation. Details about all three areas are described in the report.

The report also gives a comparison of the new program with the existing program in terms of eligibility, tax benefit, period of eligibility benefits, duration of the rental agreement, application etc.

The report also mentions that there is an Advanced Manufacturing for Encouraging Productivity Program intended for factories that do not comply with the terms of the Encouragement of Capital Investments Law.

There are several Human Captial programs mentioned in the report – High Salary Program, a Program for Integrating Interns from the Arab Population in the High-Tech Industry, Hiring Additional Employees with a Low Rate of Participation in the Israeli Labor Market, Assistance Program for Hiring New Arab Women Employees from East Jerusalem, Assistance Program for Hiring New Employees from the Bedouin Population in the Negev.

Green Economy programs such as Assistance for Investment in Projects Aimed at Reducing Greenhouse Gas Emissions and Energy Efficiency,  Assistance for Financing a Connection to a Natural Gas Distribution System, Program for Encouraging Production of Foreign Series and Films in Israel etc are also discussed in details in this report.

Toward the end of the document, we also have the 10 stages of processing a request described precisely.

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