Israel is a country that has a lot to offer in different areas ranging from healthcare, cyber security, agriculture, industry 4.0 etc. Dubbed at the Startup Nation of the world, Israel is very well-known across the world for its innovative technologies and breakthrough solutions.

However, there is one flourishing sector that many people tend to forget about when they mention Israel and that is the ‘Beauty and Skincare’. The Israeli beauty industry have amazing and very unique products especially composed of salts and minerals from the famous Dead Sea. The Dead Sea, which is also known as the ‘largest free spa on earth’ is well-known for its healing properties and therefore is a top-favorite of many skin-care lovers worldwide.

This is because the Dead Sea water is extremely saline and has the lowest elevation on the surface of the earth. Usually, the concentration of salt in the Dead sea increases toward the bottom and this is what affects the salinity of the water.

Most of the seas contain 80-85% of sodium chloride. Dead Sea, however, has a much lesser sodium chloride content (30.5%). Instead, the Dead Sea contains sodium, potassium, calcium and magnesium among many other minerals. These existing minerals come with an array of benefits for human skin and therefore are so preferred among skin-care enthusiasts.

Some of the most notable features of Dead Sea minerals that make them so prominent for skin care are:

  • Good Hydration
  • Treats Acne
  • Helps in Reducing Dandruff
  • Relief from Skin Ailments
  • Gets Rid of Dead Skin
  • Relieves Muscle Pain

These are some of the top benefits of Dead Sea minerals which makes people want to experience them more fervently. This is also one of the major reasons why their products have been doing so well across the world, especially in European and Asian countries.

Israel is the world leader in production of dead sea products and below mentioned are some of the well-known Israeli skincare brands who provide the best Dead Sea products to its ever-growing consumers:

Apart from the companies mentioned above, there are many more Israeli Dead Sea minerals companies that have been making the waves and taking the skincare industry by the storm with their amazing properties and detoxifying benefits.

They are here to stay and change the face of skincare across the globe with their Dead Sea minerals and their remarkable benefits.


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