The beauty industry of Israel is constantly growing with increasing demand for Israeli products from skincare lovers across the world.

Below mentioned are some of the Israeli skincare companies that are noteworthy and would be a good addition to the Indian beauty markets:

Ama Lura: “Emma Laura” is an alternative lifestyle brand that offers quality products and careful design, emphasizing the use of natural ingredients that allow us to live a life close to nature and with positive energy. “Emma Laura” grew out of the naturopathic approach advocating the use of ingredients and materials around us, which give us a safe and sustainable life.

Arugot: Arugot is a boutique business with a unique approach to developing and producing natural organic cosmetics at the highest standards of GMP, and a strict European standard of organic control (Agrior certified). All of their products are meticulously handmade with pure aromatherapy extracts, organic cold-pressed oils, organic extracts from wild plants, and medicinal plants.

Clean Tech Beauty: Clean Tech Beauty creates clean & natural formulas enhanced by clinically proven, peptide technology, unique minerals, and exclusive botanical blends. With the most advanced medical research, the company is able to formulate products that are safer, effective and healthy.

GIGI Laboratories: GIGI Laboratories is a company which is committed to serving the needs of the professional beauty therapist, creating and producing state-of-the-art treatments and products to customers worldwide. All their lines and products work in synergy that creates infinite treatment, provide solution for any skin condition.

HB Health and Beauty: Health & Beauty manufactures, markets and exports top quality skin, body and hair care products based on Dead Sea minerals, Salts &Black mud enriched with vitamins, plant extracts and aromatic oils. Our cosmetics products are manufactured according to international production regulations such as ISO and GMP.

KB Pure: KB-Pure LTD is a professional Israeli based Derma-Cosmetic company that develops, markets, and sells a wide range of revolutionary and powerful Dermatological & Beauty skincare products which provides an alternative solution for chronic skin conditions such as Atopic Dermatitis, Psoriasis, Seborrheic Dermatitis, acne, aging, pigmentation, and more, without the use of steroids, cortisones, etc.

Sea of Spa: Sea of spa labs Ltd. Is known for the uncompromising quality of its products and considered as a breakthrough leader in terms of innovation and up to date marketing approach. The company’s products are original from the Dead Sea and they contain vitamins and essential oils at a concentration higher than usual to feed and perfect care of the skin.

Moraz: Moraz is a global company specializing in the research, development and production of herbal paramedical skin treatments and cosmetics. Based on unique production methods of medical herbs extraction – mainly sourced by the Polygonum plant, grown in the Galilee region in traditional and organic methods – Moraz has developed products that solve various skin conditions while protecting and nourishing the skin.

SeboCalm: SeboCalm is an Israeli beauty company that offers a wide range of derma cosmetics products for a variety of skin conditions. Their products are manufactured under the highest standards and strict quality control, closely adhering to international regulations. All SeboCalm products are hypoallergenic and have been dermatologically tested for sensitive skin. Their product line has a variety of products ranging from baby care to regular skincare for all different skin types.

Nevita: Nevita is a true innovator in the skin care, hair care, makeup and beauty supplements categories. The company manufacturing capacity as well as the R&D and marketing abilities allow it to create next-level beauty products and exciting brands. Nevita upholds the highest standards of Quality Control and are not tested on animals. The company owns three brands namely: Aqua Mineral, Botanifique, Seamantika Dead Sea Minerals.

CTS: CTS is one of the leading pharmaceutical companies in Israel since 1921. They develop, manufacture and market unique life cycle products, derma-cosmetic and toiletry lines. We offer manufacturing and in-house facilities for product development and private label.


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