The Israel Business Delegation led by the Israel Export Institute was visiting India last week along with the Honorable Minister of Economy and Industry H.E Mr. Nir Barkat from 17th April 2023 to 20th April 2023 who was here in India for a state visit.

During their four-day visit, the companies met with plenty of conglomerates and industry leaders for business development opportunities. On the last day, they ended their visit by meeting with THE biggest conglomerate in India- Reliance Industries Limited.

In Reliance, the Israeli companies met and interacted with different vertical heads like IOT, Agriculture platform, Mobility platform, Security platform etc. to present and discuss the various collaborative opportunities with them.

Below mentioned are the Israeli companies that were a part of this business delegation and had a meeting with Reliance Industries:

GorillaLink: GorillaLink is an Israeli company that has patented software that connects IoT sensors such as the ones used in soil/temperature/water monitoring in agriculture to the nearest Low Earth Orbit satellite network automatically- at a fraction of the cost of traditional satcom providers like Starlink or Iridium. This connectivity allows those sensors to transmit data to the cloud and back to a command center so that appropriate actions can be taken.

NOF Cooling: Natural Offset Farming is an Israeli start-up that developed advanced cooling technology for advance agriculture. Over the past decade, NOF have developed cooling technologies that utilize liquid CO2 as the primary energy source. In the field of hydroponics and vertical cultivation, they have developed several decentralized solutions that are small and portable, that utilize CO2 to enrich the indoor setting while producing significant cooling energy.

Redler Technologies: Redler specializes in the developing and marketing Electrical power and motion management solutions for the automotive and defense industries. Their advanced, innovative, embedded and patented DC motion control drivers and smart power circuit breakers will help keeping your platforms in motion, anywhere, anytime, under strict power management and power saving policy.

AnyComplete: AnyComplete is an Israeli-based company that has developed an AI-based tool for digital verification and data enrichment that cater to financial institutions and other organizations needing identity verification and digital onboarding. The product is based on a proprietary algorithm that receives data such as pictures, names and phone numbers from public and private sources, matches such data and creates logical overlaps between the data. They have a good customer base in India and are looking to expand further in the Fintech vertical.

MayMaan Research, Inc: MayMaan Research is a cleantech company that strive to make a positive impact by creating alternative solutions to some of the most critical global energy challenges of the 21st century. They have developed an engine/fuel combination that will provide a replacement that is commercially viable, energetically superior and less polluting to the current Internal Combustion Engine (ICE)

Carrar: Carrar is a thermal management system (TMS) for EV batteries company which is managed by a team of industry veterans and leading technologists who are working to revolutionize EV thermal management and secure a sustainable energy future. They provide optimal thermal management solutions for EV batteries that normalizes the temperature of these batteries irrespective of fluctuations caused by climate or any other changes.


To know more about Israeli startups and their technologies, please reach out to:

Ms. Priyanka Nangalia

Trade Officer -Trade and Economic Mission, Mumbai