In ducts of the HVCA grow bacteria, viruses and fungi which are the cause of death from acquired infections. The world is searching for solutions to win the fight against germs, bacteria and viruses and AGAVI filter provides the solution! AGAVI FILTER founded in 2019 give a solution to the bacteria and virus contamination in the HVAC air system and replace the olds filters.  It is coated with media that eliminates bacteria and viruses, and destroys them. The filter is installed in the air conditioner openings – air supply.


AGAVI Filter is now a publicly traded company in Israel that purifies the air in homes, hospitals, schools, nursing homes, offices, restaurants, hotels, buses and other locations.


Today in hospitals only surfaces and water systems are monitored. The air is not monitored. Only surgery rooms have a high-density filter. The filter are filtering bacteria only until 0.3mcy in size. This is  not enough to destroy  viruses in size 0.1mcy.



The central air conditioning system in all public spaces and in hospitals, is full of bacteria and viruses that are transmitted from the air conditioning ducts back to the rooms and constitute a mass infection factor. This is where the Agavi filtration system comes in handy.


Currently the system is available directly through Agavi Filters in Israel and some other licensed distributors. Agavi Filters is actively looking for partners in India.

Please do reach out to us if interested.

Yogita Kale-Desai

Trade Officer

Economic & Trade Mission of Israel in Mumbai
Tel: +91-22-61600519